Being a mix of Oriental and Western roots, I have always been fascinated by especially Eastern Culture and health disciplines. I resonate with what is often called mystical and the more directly tangible. Eventually you realise that one doest not exclude the other. When East and West are willing to cooperate, this will have a huge positive impact on our wellbeing.

I practice acupuncture. In my opinion the ultimate Body Mind Spirit medicine. Acupuncture does not separate body and mind and revolves around your self healing ability. In both my profession and my personal life I am convinced that we are and can do so much more than we are generally taught in the West. Sometimes we just need a reset. A Reset for Body & Mind.

In acupuncture we find several styles and approaches. Personally I love classical styles; in approach, ideas and treatment. It can have modern insights and go along with time, but the core should be tracable to Chinese Medical Classics. Personal preference, I love tradition, authenticity, also in this modern age.

Ronald Aartsen
Freed’om Body Mind Spirit